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Are you or your children interested in music education?
If so, we would be delighted
to welcome you to our music school.

Everyone is musical!

German Version

With this in mind, Franz-Grothe-Music-School of Weiden is open to all interested children and adults.

Beginning classes for children are from ages, 5 months to 6 years. After the completion of these classes, the students may continue their studies with an instrument of their choosing or vocal lessons. It is understood that a combination of the two is also possible.

Upon talent progression all instrumental and vocal students will have the opportunity to perform in public. The range of performing possibilities extends from performing directly in the Franz-Grothe-Music-School to on stage live performances in the esteemed Max-Reger-Halle in Weiden and other venues in the region.

Franz-Grothe-Music-School students will also have opportunities to participate in competitions starting at the local level extending through to the national level.

Students have the possibility to participate in various ensembles such as: School bands, chamber music groups or in the Weiden symphony orchestra. These oppurtunities extend to external students as well. There is no age limitation.

It is a given that the Franz-Grothe-Music-School instructors, not only give excellent weekly musical education, but they take it a step further. Their dedication and love of music insures and fully prepares each and every student with the full capability of continuing their musical education at the university level if one so desires.
At the very least, the education you will receive at the Franz-Grothe-Music-School, will certainly make you a perfected hobby musician. In either case Franz-Grothe-Music-School of Weiden is the place for you.

In addition to all else that the Franz-Grothe-Music-School excels in, we also offer the voluntary performance test (FLP) as part of our music education program according to the Association of Music School guidelines.

In order to promote a full and joyous understanding of music, Franz-Grothe-Music-School of Weiden offers an all inclusive learning experience in the following categories:

Elementary Music Education (EMP):music classes for children from 5 months to 4 years of age. Early music-education (MFE), i. e. preschool for 4 to 6 year olds, basic music education (MGB), 6 and 7 year olds.

Instrumental lessons: recorder/wind instruments, flute, clarinet, saxophone, oboe, trombone, trumpet, tuba, violin, viola, double bass, cello, classic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, harp, piano, harpsichord, organ, accordion, drums and percussion.

Ensembles: Recorders, saxophone, clarinet, flute, piano, strings, brass, accordion, Veeh Harp, Ensemble for Early Music (instrumental and dance circle), Percussion: Latin, Classical, Combo game, Rhythm for adults, Chamber music, singing, school band, children's choir, symphony or-chestra, TomTom Club (Percussion).

Vocal lessons: Solo Singing.

Additional subjects: music study preparation, harmony 1 through 3, composition, theory and history of jazz, rock and pop music, improvisation, general music theory 1 through 3 and ear training.

For more informations send an E-Mail to
or call our office 09 61-3 40 43.
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